Dalle stazioni abbandonate ai ‘binari verdi’: le ferrovie locali tra degrado e recupero lungo la linea Taranto-Bari

AUSER Emilia Romagna

Transition in Cuba

Tunisie: Éco de Femmes

ECO DE FEMMES – L’écho d’une nouvelle économie. Un projet pour l’émancipation socio-économique des femmes rurales dans le Maghreb.

Sgombro Ex-Telecom, Bologna 20/10/2015

Quarto Stato 2.0

Narkē Lepsis


In the African view of time one might say that time flows backwards. It flows toward you from the future, and the more or faster the activity, the faster time flows. Time is created, in a sense.

Time is not something in itself. Life is made up of events, defined by relationships. Time is a component of the event.

Your activity really determines the amount of time that passes. Thus the faster you work, the more time you use, because more activity is occurring, more energy is being used. If you are sitting and resting, you are conserving time. Time is not actually passing; it is simply waiting for you.

Favela Rocina, Rio de Janeiro (

Under Surveillance

Les Gitans de Saint Jaques, Perpignan 2010

La Vie à Belleville, Paris

American Tour with Mayd Hubb e Hobo/Monk

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